Contributing to Commento


Thank you for choosing to contribute to Commento. There are, however, certain guidelines we'd like for the contributors to follow. If you're a newcomer to open source and you haven't contributed to other projects or used Git before, you should make yourself familiar before proceeding; there are tons of tutorials to get started with Git.

How do I start contributing?

  • Before you start contributing to Commento, you must sign our Developer Certificate of Origin. This is a document certifying that any contributions you make to the project are your own or that you have the right to submit them. Read the document carefully.
  • Once that's out of the way, you should set up the environment required to compile and build the project.
  • Then, you should fork the project and clone your fork locally. You will be using your fork for all development. It's generally a good practice to not make any changes on the master branch; instead create a branch for each merge request.
  • Following this, you should compile the project from source and make sure everything is working as intended. Run the tests to double-check.
  • Next, you should review the development guidelines; code standards (commit messages are code too) are important if you plan on reading what you've written on a different day.
  • After you've read the guidelines, you pick and work on the contribution you want to make. This can be a bug fix, a new feature, a performance improvement, or a code standards improvement, or even a typo. If you need inspiration, pick an issue from our public issue tracker.
  • When you're satisfied with your work (and when you're sure you've adhered to the guidelines), you can make a Merge Request (MR).

I've made a mess of it

In the words of Linus Torvalds, that's okay, we all do. Join us in IRC, and we'll help you out. Make sure you've read the documentation beforehand.

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